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  • Jacqueline Johnson

    Jacqueline Johnson

  • Kiran Rangaiah Shashi

    Kiran Rangaiah Shashi

  • Lisa Betty

    Lisa Betty

    Lisa Betty is a PhD Candidate in History and Course Instructor at Fordham University.

  • beetle bailey

    beetle bailey

    Just a bug with progressive values, opinions, and Interwebz. Black, atheist, a-gender, A-spec, ADHD. Âû. A-awesome. PROUDLY a-transmasc. Be warned: I clap back.

  • Dave Haskins

    Dave Haskins

    Fun, inspirational dude who coaches using astrology focused on empowerment. VISIT MY WEBSITE to book a reading or free consultation:

  • Jennifer


  • Chichi



  • Stephanie M. Gale

    Stephanie M. Gale

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