TW: Sexual Assault, Rape, Sexual Violence against Women

Instagram Account calling out perpetrators of sexual abuse “Kenyans Exposed” forced to shut down due to death threats

There’s so much I love about Nairobi. I love the smell of the air — unadulterated and imperfect. I love the depth of valleys and peaks of hills decorated with greens, fuchsias, and browns so vibrant they’re almost unfathomable. I love the cacophony of pedestrians chasing after matatus and snickering on sidewalks. I love cruising down Peponi Road, smiling to myself as I remember the many times I took the same route to proms, dates, and after school activities. …

Black fathers in this country and around the world carry both the incredible responsibility of pillaring their communities and the immense joy of shepherding a new generation through life. This experience and more are eloquently explored in Color Him Father, a novel by Lawrence M. Drake II about black fatherhood and coping with unthinkable loss. Drake is fearlessly candid in Color Him Father, fostering a community of and camaraderie between black fathers who identify with his struggle and experiences.

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As we continue to navigate two pandemics — one that struck with a merciless vengeance just a few months ago and…

Does distance still make the heart grow fonder? I talked to long-distance couples around the world to see how their relationships are affected by the pandemic.


“We’re accepting that we’re just victims of circumstance. It gives us some sort of peace. We are doing the absolute best for each other, and no matter how minuscule it may seem, it speaks greater volumes with the relationship.”

Ozz, 24, eloquently described this wise realization he and his longtime, long-distance love, Nur, came to recently. “It’s been a little harder. There’s little to no freedom to make plans to see each other,” Ozz…


Listening to Najuah’s music, it’s clear that the singing duo is bringing something different, and special, to the table.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, their exciting mix of pop, rock, R&B, and hip hop sounds enliven their already vivacious lyrics. It’s the kind of music you want to listen to on warm summer evenings, fresh drink in hand and good friends by your side. It’s the kind of music you want to sing along to in the shower or blast in the car, windows open while sunrays ricochet off your skin. Najuah makes music that celebrates life.

The two sisters…

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A few nights ago, after hours of attempting to coax sleep while awkwardly sprawled on a heat resistant bedsheet, my incoming slumber was disrupted by a foreign alarm. Too aggressive for a phone notification, I slowly rolled over to diagnose the distress. As I did so, I gently felt for my Dexcom G6 sensor, a new addition to my body glued to my stomach, responsible for my lack of sleep and cautious movements. When I confirmed it was still attached to me, I quickly realized where that peculiar sound may be coming from.

The receiver.

I picked it up. Its…

How Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ highlights the relationship between black responsibility and artistry.


As black artists, we have the unique responsibility to both interpret the world as we know it and use our platform to visualize the black experience. Adhering to this standard can be extremely difficult- the needs of the community do not often align with the needs of the individual. Does one forgo their commitment to self-expression to serve the black community? Is it selfish, reckless, even irresponsible to choose the former over the latter?

This complicated aspect of the black artist experience is perfectly captured in the Spike Lee Joint She’s Gotta Have It. The Netflix series, based on Lee’s…

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I asked myself this post’s titular question last week when I found myself at odds with two friends about the frequency in which they asked about my relationship. The first quarrel was initiated by a routine “catch me up” conversation via text with a dear friend of mine. We exchanged brief updates regarding the status of our sanity, work, and friends. I then asked her about her love life, in which she giddily revealed that her relationship had recently reached new heights. …

Gwyneth Paltrow and Elise Loehnen in The Goop Lab. Adam Rose / Netflix

As my roommate and I sat in front of our modestly sized TV scrolling through Netflix, we exchanged the same non-verbal sentiment: numbness, by way of deep unenthusiasm. Every title we clicked through seemed underwhelming and incompatible with the evening’s vibe. New Girl? No, we’ve re-watched it too many times. Unorthodox? Are we in the mental headspace for that?

We were about to give up when we stumbled upon The Goop Lab, a documentary series about the somewhat outlandish lifestyle and wellness company Goop, created by actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

I didn’t know much about the short series or company; my…

Research suggests it’s a lot more prevalent than we think

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I was in an on-again-off-again relationship for five years that depleted me. As of late, I have been asking myself why aren’t we talking about how often black women are gaslighted? The vicious cycle was as follows: he would reach out to me, mastering the perfect concoction of grandiose romantic gesture and genuine growth needed to regain my trust. I’d take him back. We’d be blissfully in love for a few weeks, and then he would start to pull away and avoid me. …

He’s turned his back on the very women he once said supported him the most

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“It is so easy to support Black women.” — Amanda Seales

Apparently not so easy for Terry Crews. Last week, the professional football player turned actor was asked about Gabrielle Union’s allegations against America’s Got Talent during an interview with 3rd Hour of Today. His on-air response was dismissive of any validity in Union’s claims, steamrolling over the experiences she’s shared on social media and news outlets. His motivations of self-interest were transparent, especially when he sprinkled in his devotion to listening to and believing women.

Union, not one to back down, fired back at Crews’ claims, powerfully saying that…

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